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rijschool in Antwerpen

Driving school 010 wants to train candidates based on expertise and customer focus by finding the right balance between fun and educational, with the aim of experiencing learning to drive as enjoyable and working towards a very high success rate. Learning together, driving together and being successful together with your own driver's license.   Our team consists of young but experienced instructors. From Rotterdam and Genk we have come together to give you a very positive driving experience.


The mission of Rijschool 010 is to train people to become safe, competent, environmentally conscious and responsible road users. For years we have been guiding our students to their driver's license in an effective and efficient way. We match our knowledge experience and training methods with the student. We aim to make the driving lessons and then the driving itself enjoyable.

Rijschool in Antwerpen


Driving school 010 is a driving school for everyone, where candidates are given the opportunity to develop as optimally as possible so that they can drive independently,​ with the aim of completing the practical exam with a positive result. To achieve this, we look for a connection with the individual talents of a candidate. Our vision is also the guideline for drawing up rules of conduct at Rijschool 010. Candidates determine their own pace and schedule. That fits with ''self-management'' and ''cooperation''. The vision therefore provides clarity to ourselves, but also to the candidates, in the case of minors the parents, the exam center and others who have to do with us and the candidate.


Flexible hours

We drive daily from 08:00-18:00. Also in the weekend on Saturday and Sunday.


Qualified, respectful and of course fun driving instructors with a lot of experience.

lesson cars

Our training cars are the modern BMW 1 Series with Efficient Dynamics, so beautiful and environmentally conscious!

24/7 support

Also available after office hours for questions/changes.

High success rate

We are known for our high success rate. See our instagram for the lucky candidates who passed!

Customer is king!

With us, the customer is king. Not satisfied is not an option. We do everything we can to guide the student as well and completely as possible to obtain the driver's license.

Rijschool Antwerpen
Rijschool in Antwerpen
Rijschool in Antwerpen
Rijschool in Antwerpen
Rijschool in Antwerpen
Rijschool in Antwerpen
Rijschool in Antwerpen
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